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Enrol/ Register with GST

Enroling with GST
Applying for Registration
Multiple Verticals
GST Practitioner
Viewing Saved Applications
Filing Clarification
Viewing Submitted Applications
Tracking Application Status
Opting for Composition Scheme
Withdrawing from Composition Levy
Amendment of Registration
Resetting E-mail and Mobile Number of Authorized Signatory

File GST Returns
Navigating the Returns Dashboard
Filing GSTR - 1
Filing GSTR - 1A
Filing GSTR - 2
Viewing GSTR - 2A
Filing GSTR - 3B
Utilizing Electronic Cash and Input Tax Credit (ITC)

Applying for GST Registration
Normal Taxpayer (FORM GST REG-01)
Casual Taxable Person
Input Service Distributor (ISD)
Special Economic Zone (SEZ) Developer/ Special Economic Zone (SEZ) Unit
Tax Deductor at Source (TDS)/ Tax Collector at Source (TCS)
Suo Moto Registration

Track Application Status

1. Can I track the status of my Registration Application?
Yes, you can track the status by using the Registration > Services > Track Application Status service from the GST Portal.

View Submitted Application

1. Where can I access my submitted applications?
You can login to the GST Portal and navigate to Services > User Services > View My Submissions to access your submitted applications.

2. What is the difference between a saved application and a submitted application?
A saved application is an incomplete application and it can be accessed, edited, or deleted until you submit it to the GST System or until its date of expiry, whichever is earlier.
A submitted application is an application that has been submitted on the GST Portal by the taxpayer by clicking the Submit button. This application can neither be edited nor deleted by the taxpayer.

You can, however, access the read only version of the submitted application in PDF. You can also track the status of the submitted application using the ARN received upon the application’s successful submission.

What is GSTR-1?
GSTR-1 is a monthly Statement of Outward Supplies to be furnished by all normal and casual registered taxpayers making outward supplies of goods and services or both and contains details of outward supplies of goods and services.

2. Who is required to file the GSTR-1?
Every registered taxable person, other than an input service distributor/compounding taxpayer/TDS Deductor/TCS Collector is required to file GSTR-1, the details of outward supplies of goods and/or services during a tax period, electronically on the GST Portal. 3. Is GSTR-1 filing mandatory?

GSTR-1 needs to be filed even if there is no business activity (Nil Return) in the tax period.

4. What are the available modes of preparing GSTR-1?

GSTR-1 can be prepared using the following modes through:

1. Online entry on the GST Portal
2. Uploading of invoice and other GSTR-1 data using Returns Offline Tool
3. Using third party application of Application Software Provider (ASPs) through GST Suvidha Providers (GSPs)
5. What details have to be furnished in GSTR-1?
The following details of a tax period have to be furnished in GSTR-1:
a. Invoice level details of supplies to registered persons including those having UIN
b. Invoice level details of Inter- state supplies of invoice value greater than equal to INR 2,50,000 to unregistered persons (consumers)
c. Details of Credit/Debit Notes issued by the supplier against invoices
d. Details of export of goods and services including deemed exports (SEZ)
e. Summarised state level details of supplies to unregistered persons (consumers)
f. Summary Details of Advances received in relation to future supply and their adjustment
g. Details of any amendments effected to the reported information for either of the above categories.
h. Nil- rated, exempted, and non-GST supplies
i. HSN/SAC wise summary of outward supplies

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