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GST Training

GST Training in Chennai

GST Training | GST Certification Program | GST Courses | GST Training Accreditation Programme

ICA, which is approved by Government of India, is organizing a thirty days intensive Course on GST through its accredited training partner M.K.Audit in Chennai. The course briefs on What is GST?,Concepts, Registrations, Accounts Assessments through its courses on GST Certification and Training Accredition Program in Chennai. It is comprehensive program on GST holding important modules suited to the needs of students and businessmen.

GST Training in Chennai | GST Course in Chennai

Our GST Training Courses in Chennai is 100% Practical GST Return Filing handled by CAs. Best GST Course in Chennai with FREE Classes for Participants. It is best part time training course for the working folk. ICA situated in important places in Chennai serves as the best GST training centre and institute in chennai for the past 20 years.

Join GST Certification Course by ICA

With immense pleasure, we would like to invite the readers for the certification course on GST by Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSME), Govt. of India. Update Yourself on the latest Articles,News and Notificationson Goods and Services Tax. The GST Course and GST Certification Program launched by ICA offers GST training for students planning for a career in accounting and taxation.

Get course completion certificate on GST, GST Course - GST Certification Program - GST Training

Learn GST, implications and implementation aspects. Attend GST training course from an industry expert in Chennai, GST ( Goods & Service Tax) Training Courses – Book your trainings Certificate Course in GST (Covers Syllabus for 12 sessions)

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Sessions Topics

S.1 Concept of GST-Overview

• Introduction and Background
• Constitutional 101 st Amnd. Act,
• Powers and Functions of GST Council,
• Concept of Uniform Tax,
• Origin to Destination, Exclusion of J&K-Impact, Important Definitions
• Practical examples

S.2 Concept of Supply

• Inclusions & exclusions;
• Supplies even if made without consideration-whether taxable?
• Supply of goods or supply of services-ambiguity resolved;
• Negative list;
• Govt. services/ supplies;
• Composition levy;
• Taxability of supplies on reverse charge basis
• Practical examples

S.3 Time and Value of supply

• Time of supply of goods;
• Time of supply of services;
• Concept of voucher;
• Valuation of supply-
1. Between distinct or related parties,
2. When consideration is not wholly in money,
3. Buy one get one free,
4. Supply through an agent,
5. Special situations-money changing etc.
• Practical examples

S.4 Input Tax Credit

• Credits during transition
• Credits to new registration
• Credit on capital goods
• Non-creditable items
• Credit mechanism for banking company
• Credits on works contract & job work
• Input service distributor (ISD)
• Practical examples

S.5 Registration

• Migration of existing taxpayers
• Threshold limits
• Concept of aggregate turnover
• Person not liable for registration
• Compulsory registration-irrespective threshold
• Casual taxable person and Non-resident taxable person
• Amendment, Cancellation and Revocation of registration
• Penalty for non-registration
• Practical examples

S.6 Accounts and Records, Audit and Assessments

• Kind of records to be maintained
• Electronic format
• Audit of accounts
• Period of retention
• Self-assessment
• Provisional assessment
• Best-judgement assessment
• Audit by Commissioner
• Special audit by CA’s
• Practical examples

S.7 Payment and Refund of Tax

• Modes of payment
• Types of Electronic Ledgers- Cash, Credit, Liability Register
• Refunds-Whether Automatic? • Situations where refunds are allowed
• Provisional refund
• Documentation for refund
• Practical examples

S.8 Filing of returns

• Types of returns
• First return
• Matching concept
• Annual return
• Fee for late return
• Role of GST practitioner
• Practical examples

S.9 Miscellaneous Provisions

• GST Compliance rating
• Anti-profiteering measures
• Goods sent to a job-worker
• Deemed exports
• Rectification of errors
• Service of Notice
• Compensation to States Offences and Penalties
• Various offences under GST law
• Penalties thereof
• Imprisonment in certain cases
• Practical examples

S.10 Place of Supply-IGST

• Concept of IGST
• Place of supply of goods-within India
• Place of supply of goods-Import/ Exports
• Place of supply of services-within India
• Place of supply of services-Import/ Exports
• Practical examples

S.11 Transitional Provisions

• Input tax credit on inputs held in stock on appointed date
• Goods sent on job-work
• Input tax credit even if no duty paying documents of Central taxes to VAT dealers
• Goods in transit
• Goods returned in GST regime
• Treatment of continuing contracts
• Other transitional issues
• Practical examples

S.12 Impact on industries

• Logistics Sector
• Aviation Sector
• FMCG Sector
• Banking Sector
• Real Estate Sector
• Infrastructure Industry-Energy Sector
• Telecommunication Sector
• Practical examples

Some special transactions

• Consignment sales/ stock transfers
• Supply between related parties or distinct parties, captive consumption
• AMC, repairs & warranty contracts
• Gifts and samples; free supplies to employees
• Donations
• Free imports
• E-com operators
• Practical examples

GST Certificate Course, GST Training, GST Registration

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